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Where to Keep Your Emergency Kit? In Your Car!


The most important place to keep your emergency kit is in your car! The reason being that during an earthquake or other emergency, you may be across a bridge, stuck in a traffic blockage or too far away to be able to get home. The only supplies you will have available are the survival supplies with you in your car.

You cannot count on government agencies to help you for at least the first three days and as we know from the fires in California as well as the FEMA response, or lack of it, to “Katrina” it could take 7 days or longer for help to arrive.

Fortunately in Marin county people are able to take advantage of the GET READY MARIN training, provided by the local Fire Departments and volunteer Disaster Councils that help people understand what to do and how to prepare for earthquakes and other emergencies/disasters.

Supplies should be arranged, stored and located where personnel will be able to access the materials quickly and easily after a disaster strikes. Supplies should be stored in backpacks, duffel bags and other containers with a high degree of mobility in case you have to move to another location.

The Disaster Supply Center offers a large selection of emergency kits for your car, home and they even have a kit for your pet. Their Premium Car Emergency Kit includes a hand crank radio which is also a flashlight and cell phone charger, jumper cables, ponchos, water pouches, food and much more to help in any situation. These premium emergency kits make wonderful gifts as do all the kits offered by the Disaster Supply Center.

They also have individual supplies available to augment and upgrade your current preparedness cache of supplies including many items that also make excellent gifts. These include portable radios and flashlights that contain solar panels and dynamo hand cranks where no batteries are needed. Also sold are water filters, purifiers and storage containers to enable people to store 1 gallon of water per day for each person which is now the recommended amount of water to have available. Food rations and water supplies all have a minimum 5 year shelf life. The Disaster Supply Center employees are knowledgeable and able to advise you on a wide variety of subjects and preparedness needs.

Michael Skyler is the Owner and Found of the Disaster Supply Center

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