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The Importance Of Chemical Masks During A Biological Outbreak


Biological outbreaks can come unannounced. It is foolhardy to assume that such events will never on your neighborhood. We need to invest on the appropriate chemical masks in order to keep ourselves safe during such outbreaks. Why should you be using one of these masks? Most of these masks have been designed to protect the one who wears it. If you look closely into one of these masks, you will understand that the product will seal off the mouth as well as the nose so that the wearer does not breathe in the harmful chemicals or poisons that are dispersed into the surroundings in the vaporized form. Manufacturers who come up with such products often spend a lot of time doing the appropriate research work that is required to protect the wearer during chemical breakouts.

Can Chemical Masks Protect The Eyes?

Some of the chemical masks also come with the provision to protect the eyes. These organs are highly sensitive to the dangerous gases that are present in the atmosphere. Improper protection of the eyes while handling harmful chemicals will only lead to partial or complete blindness of the eyes. There are marked differences in between the masks used by scuba divers and the chemical masks. The former is designed to supply the diver with fresh oxygen that is stored on a suitable tank. There are no filtration mechanisms in place on those products. However the chemical masks will include certain agents that can help in neutralizing the harmful agents that are present in the air. These masks have the advanced functionality of taking air from the outside and providing it to the wearer after passing the air through a series of filtration mechanisms.

The Origins Of Chemical Masks

No one seems to know when the first chemical or gas masks were invented. Interestingly, the soldiers who fought on the World Wars had developed an innovative system to protect themselves against the harmful chlorine gases that were often dispersed into the air to disrupt the movement of the fighters. They used to soak towels with urine and cover their faces with the same cloth. It is touted that the ammonia present in the urine helped in neutralizing the harmful chlorine gases. We have come a long way from such troublesome procedures. The chemical masks available today will protect the wearer not only from chlorine poisoning at also a number of other similar gases. The masks that are used for protecting the wearer from airborne pathogens are different from the chemical masks.

Multi Stage Filtration Of Chemical Masks

Depending upon the chemical mask that is being used, the number of filtration stages can vary. The initial masks that were released into the market consisted of single stage filtration mechanisms. Today we have access to chemical masks that have multiple filtration systems incorporated into them. These multi-stage gas masks are highly effectively. Activated charcoal is still being used by many chemical gas mask manufacturers because of its high efficiency in neutralizing almost all kinds of harmful chemical gases. Some masks come with separate chemical neutralizing canisters that can remove the harmful agents from gases.

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