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Preparing for an Earthquake


Preparing for an Earthquake

As a life-long resident of southern California, I’ve had to prepare myself for the idea that an earthquake could strike at any moment and devastate this beautiful area that I call my home. Earthquake preparedness is one of the most difficult things to plan for, as it is completely impossible to know when one might strike, unlike a hurricane or a tornado. However, there are a few key things that can make planning for the unthinkable just a little bit better.

One of the most important things to recognize is that earthquakes can occur at any time, meaning that it is impossible to predicate where you will be at the time of the quake. Plan to have several different emergency kits ready at each different place that you most often frequent such as your home, your work or school, and your car. Each kit should contain enough equipment, food and water that could last for up to seven days. Remember, earthquakes can also lead to tsunamis, so if you leave near the ocean, it s important to prepare for that as well.

The first kit that you should make is the one for use in your home. This kit should not only contain enough food (MRE Entrée’s, canned food, Vacuum-packed food ration bars) and water (packaged water, water stored in containers, water purifying tablets)  for consumption in case you are not immediately rescued, it should also contain some entertainment to help your pass the time without electricity. Some of the most important things to remember are a manual can opener, blankets, flashlights, emergency radio, extra medicines, eyeglasses, toiletries, shovel and axe, and magazines or cards to pass the time.

Your car should also be well-equipped with an earthquake kit in case you get stranded after a devastating natural disaster. This kit should be slightly less encompassing than the one that you have stashed away at home, but it should still hold the necessities. Nonperishable food items such as granola bars or cereals are always good to keep around and don’t forget that the average adult should drink about one gallon of clean water per day. Flashlights are crucial, as well as first aid kits and small tool kits.

Finally, at your job, you should maintain a small but handy earthquake kit, regardless of whether or not your coworkers make fun of you. Take the essentials such as food, water and a flashlight but also remember to bring such other items are comfortable shoes. If you are stuck in your formal office wear during an earthquake and you need to make a quick escape, it would be much easier to accomplish if you are wearing shoes that are easy to move in. Toiletries are also important, because if you get stuck in your place of work, you may not generally have these with you. If you remember to pack all of these, then you will be well-prepared should an earthquake strike.

Written by the Marketing Department for Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Paul E. Lee


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