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HO HO Holiday Grease Fires! How to Help Prevent and Manage a Grease Fire


The Holiday Season is all about Family reunions, decorations and of course, the delicious spread of holiday dishes. But are you aware that kitchen grease fires make up a large percentage of kitchen household fires? It just takes a split second for grease to ignite. Unfortunately, the ways people try to put out the grease fire, only make it worse. So here are some ways to manage and prevent a grease fire this holiday season!

How to Prevent a Grease Fire:

  1. Make sure you heat oil slowly for after a while it may go up in flames.
  2. Make sure NO other liquids are located near the pan of grease.
  3. Add foods to hot grease carefully.
  4. NEVER drop foods into the pan, place them in with a fork or tongs
  5. Have a class ABC fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  6. Make sure you watch your cooking! Never leave it unattended.
  7. If the grease starts smoking, IT IS TOO HOT!

How to Put Out a Grease Fire:

  1. Never pick up a pan that is on fire.
  2. Keep pan lids or ovenmits nearby to smother the fire
  3. Use Baking Soda to put out the fire
  6. Alert others in the home and the fire department immediately
  7. Make sure to have an emergency kit on hand in case you must leave your home!

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