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Hurricane Preparation Tips


Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricanes can cause a great deal of damage, both through the physical force of winds and flood waters and through secondary effects such as electrical failure and contaminated drinking water. With the right preparation, however, many of the worst effects of a hurricane can be mitigated or even avoided altogether. The following is a brief list of some of the most useful tips for what you can do to prepare for a hurricane:

  • ŸPurchase or make your own hurricane preparedness kit. Depending on the size and force of the storm, you may be left without food or running water for several days in the aftermath of a hurricane. Having a preparedness kit, complete with food, water, and some basic survival supplies can help to make sure that you aren’t left without necessary provisions during this period.
  • ŸCover the windows in your home. High-powered winds can easily shatter windows, potentially causing glass to be blown into your home or allowing floodwaters to come through. Placing a protective covering (at least 5/8” thick) over windows can help prevent this type of situation.
  • ŸMove outdoor furniture and other items inside, or secure them outside so that they cannot blow away in the storm.
  • ŸTrim trees for weak or loose branches, taking special care to remove branches directly above your home, which could potentially fall off during the storm and cause roof damage.
  • ŸHave an escape plan ready in case it’s necessary to evacuate. While this should be your worst-case scenario, it’s still important to have a plan for what to do in case it becomes necessary.

Following these simple tips can help to dramatically improve your preparedness for a hurricane.

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